Sung by

Dayton Callie and The Carnies

666 is a song sung by Ticket Keeper, with Wick, Magician and The Fool and other carnies playing a minor role. In the song, Ticket Keeper explains The 666 Rules of the Devil's Carnival to Ms. Merrywood and John and the consequences of breaking them.


There's a chaos that reigns
At the heart of this beast
Yes our carnival here's
A well oiled machine
All six hundred sixty-six rules are policed
All six hundred sixty-six rules you must heed

It's my duty to advise you
Of the ordinance in place
Chiefly designed to
Keep our operations
Neat and fine tuned
Every cog is malaligned

As you'll note
The rules are clearly stated
Even illustrated
And enumerated
On this staunchly dense (if ever complicated)
Cautionary little guide

Six hundred sixty-six
Six hundred sixty-six

As Keeper it's my humble pleasure to
First castigate and then admonish you
That cutting breaks rule number sixty-two
And breaking rules, it just won't do

Six hundred sixty-six
Six hundred sixty-six
Six hundred sixty-six
Six hundred sixty-six

There are consequences
Morbid consequences
Crueler than ever imagined
Oh yes, there are consequences
Bloody consequences
When you don't follow the rules

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