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Toy Demon

Hair color

White to pink

Personal Information

The Painted Doll


God, Heaven

Chronological and political Information
First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia! (Only appearance)

Portrayed by

Brea Grant

Click is a toy-like demon performer and possible leader of The Rosy Bayonettes.

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Click has big, curly hair that leads from white to pink. Her makeup is styled to give her a doll-like appearance.

Her clothing is reminiscent of the Napoleon era, with a blue bicorn hat and overcoat. Her hat has a golden pin with an amber gem in the middle, as well as feathers and ribbon. Her coat has bejeweled golden epaulets with many bobbles and long fringe going down the sleeves. The sleeves have two golden bands near the wrist. She wears a nude bra, cream corset with small metal bits scattered across it, and white shorts, as well as white gloves. Her shoes are simple, black pumps.

Just like the rest of The Rosy Bayonettes, she has a turning key on her back to make her move.

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