The Designer showing off the Caste System

Heaven's Caste System is a numbering role system that Heaven uses to divide its residents. It is first seen in The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia!

There are seven castes in Heaven, One being the role of the highest honor, and Seven being the lowest role for the common working class.

The casts are as follows;

  1. Animal Companions
  2. Shepherds of the Flock
  3. Plumes and Peltry
  4. Birds of Song
  5. Watch Dogs
  6. Preying Beasts
  7. Working Horses

June and Cora in front of a poster advertising the Caste System

1. Animal Companions Edit

"One thy animal companions - At thy lap, herds with abandon"
Animal Companions are the top caste in Heaven- they are God's personal lapdogs. The Agent is the only Animal Companion shown in The Devil's Carnival, and he is very devoted to God and the laws of Heaven. God seems to care for his lapdogs - or at least The Agent - more than the rest of his animals. Everyone in Heaven seems to dream of someday becoming an Animal Companion, as seen when Geraldine says "Cheers to becoming a One, sisters!"

Titles: Pets, lapdogs

2. Shepherds of the Flock Edit

"Two are shepherds of the flock who teach and cultivate thy stock"

Shepherds of the Flock are the second highest caste in Heaven- they are the ones who oversee the work and direct those lower than them. The Librarian and The Designer are the only two 'Shepherds' that are seen in The Devils Carnival . They aren't seen interacting with God and there is no conversation or lines so there seems to be no fanfare about it.

Songs: Hitting On All Sevens (The Librarian), Only By Design (The Designer) , All Aboard (Everybody's Doing The Ark) [The Publicist]

3. Plumes and Pelts Edit

"Three of poultry, three of feather grace thy halls with silk and heather"

Those that work as caste three's seem to be those that make the designs , fashion styles - or style- and control what people wear and what they think is the height of fashion by doing so. They made June's dress - who will later be called the Painted Doll - when The Agent asked as his date to a party.

4. Birds of Song Edit

"Four for birds of song that hymn and chirp devotion by thy wind"

Birds are only seen twice- at the beginning where the applicants are swept into a white receptionist room and the middle of the movie with The Publicist. They aren't really talked about much and while they may be higher up than most of the other castes, it's not by much so the caste six's have no problem beating them up.

5. Watch Dogs Edit

"Five are watching dogs that wait, sniffin out thy truth and straight"

Songs: The Watchword's Hour

6. Preying Beasts Edit

"Six are beasts of prey that gnaw, explain they word with tooth and claw"

They are the enforcers of Heaven. They interrogate those who may have done something out of order and kicking them out of Heaven and/or beating them up. They are basically the police workers of Heaven but they can actually beat people up just based of suspicion of treason. Translator Bates and Translator Bentz are the only known Translators

Titles: Translator

Songs: Good Little Dictation Machines,

7. Working Horses Edit

"Seven working horses, haul their mighty labours till they fall in line"

They are the lowest class of Heaven and supposedly only work as the servants and workers for the jobs no one else wants. No one wants to be one.