"That greed, it'll kill ya!"

"Unofficial custodian within The Devil’s Carnival, but for some extra change, he’ll spin you a story. Come lend an old beggar man your ear, and bleed for a sinner!"

Hobo Clown TDC
Hobo Clown
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Playing the harmonica.

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The Devil's Carnival

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The Devil's Carnival

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Ivan Moody

The Hobo Clown is a performer: a phenomenal and morbid story teller who always gets the crowd of demons excited for a good tale. He likes putting the victims of the carnival in the heart of his "stories" for effect.

Appearance Edit

Hobo Clown wears raggedy clothes, white make up and a red clown nose; much like the classic hobo clowns from carnivals, circus, sideshows and vatiété.

Personality Edit

Hobo Clown is a quiet being, often seen on the side lines and/or by himself. No, this demon isn't mute, but simply chooses not to speak unless telling a story or two. When he's hanging around the others, he normally doesn't speak or react in any such way. He's a very melancholy person, not one to say much, but he certianly will listen to anyone talk...unless told what to do. Hobo Clown is very cheeky in a sense, with a devilish charm and a wide grin. He can be very polite and dashing, or he can be stubborn and absolutely hellbent, depending on what mood you catch him in or put him in.

Upon telling his stories around the carnival, he spins them from Aesop's Fables. His stories can quickly turn morbid and in every bit of way demonic...for a small price of a penny or two. His voice could surprise some, since he rarely speaks at all, unless when telling a tale, like a music box sort of way. Silent and observant until you wind up his key, and right afterwards he returns to his quiet natured self. Upon his title being "Hobo Clown", he more than likely sleeps outside under the blackened sky of hell...assuming he even sleeps at all. But if he were, he more than likely doesn't mind the fact of being alone and probably enjoys it to a greater extent. Wether or not he's had a good day or a bad one, at the end of the day he smiles and remembers that he's in hell either way.