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"You're just in time for a story..."

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Angel (Fallen)

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The Devil's Carnival

First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 1

Last Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 2

Portrayed by

Terrance Zdunich

Lucifer is a fallen angel, King of the underworld and Ringleader of The Devil's Carnival. No one disobeys, no one questions, and no one dares to oppose him. He is rarely seen personally investing in giving any torture, mostly stays behind the scenes.

Judge and jury of Hell, this creature is known by many names. Unlike God, Lucifer sets up games, trials, and tasks for a soul to prove their worth.

Appearance Edit

Lucifer has red skin, black and white KISS-like make up, long and sharp yellow nails and two long horns that point backwards. He wears a black robe, black pants and black boots. At the end of of Episode 1, he wears an old-fashioned black coat with red trimming.

Personality Edit

Lucifer has a sick sense of humor and high standards. However, he seems to be more concerned with the fate of innocents and the redemption of sinners than God.

Relationships Edit

Ticket Keeper Edit

Lucifer seems to have a great deal of trust with the Ticket Keeper, since he has been entrusted with the rules and keeping order in his Carnival when Lucifer is not able to oversee it.

Painted Doll Edit

Lucifer apparently has a good relationship with Painted Doll as he usually chooses her to be part of an act according to Ticket Keeper.

Tamara Edit

In All My Dreams I Down 09

Lucifer and Tamara

Before Lucifer starts telling Tamara's fable to "Daniel", he claims that Tamara's is his favorite story, although he could've said so because The Scorpion and The Painted Doll were also involved.

In "In All My Dreams I Drown", Lucifer manipulates Tamara into singing a duet with him, seduces her, and either kills her or puts her to sleep. Why he did this is currently unknown.

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