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"You're just in time for a story..."

General Information
  • Boss, Dark Lord (The carnies)



Angel (Fallen)

Eye color


Personal Information

Ticket Keeper, The Devil's Carnival



Chronological and political Information

The Devil's Carnival

First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 1

Last Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia

Portrayed by

Terrance Zdunich

Lucifer is a fallen angel, King of the underworld and Ringleader of The Devil's Carnival. No one disobeys, no one questions, and no one dares to oppose him. He is rarely seen personally investing in giving any torture, mostly stays behind the scenes.

Judge and jury of Hell, this creature is known by many names. Unlike God, Lucifer sets up games, trials, and tasks for a soul to prove their worth.

History Edit

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 1 Edit

Lucifer is first seen in his office, where he prepared himself as Ticket Keeper tells him the guests are arrived, which he already knew and proceeds to slam the table with his fist, signaling for Ticket Keeper to leave.

Daniel later arrives to Lucifer's office and Lucifer invites him to sit down and listen to the fables.

When John arrives to his funhouse, Lucifer manipulates him into singing of his grief for his son ("Grief") until he arrives to Lucifer's office.

As John embraces Daniel, Lucifer asks if John had come to cause pity or to redeem himself, John asks who Lucifer is and he tells John that he "is the one who [John] blames when [John] can't follow the rules". John demands Lucifer stays away from "his boy" and Lucifer asks "Your boy?". John looks down at Daniel, only to find The Fool, who kicks John in the shin and runs away, much to Lucifer's amusement. Once he is done laughing at John, Lucifer reveals to him that Daniel died "a very clean death". John then warns Lucifer that if he hurt his son John would kill him but Lucifer tells him that murdering innocent children is God's job and that Lucifer only deals with the guilty like John.

John breaks down and begs Lucifer to help him find Daniel, which he refuses. John starts mourning for his son until he suddently says that he doesn't want to grieve anymore. Lucifer, believing that John has redeemed himself, sends him to Heaven.

Later, Ticket Keeper questions Lucifer about letting John go to Heaven, Lucifer then tells him that the rules will change and proceeds to re-write the 666 Rules of the Carnival. Lucifer chants and reveals his grand plot to overthrow Heaven, causing God to scream in pain as he hears it ("Grace For Sale").

In a post-credits scene, Lucifer gives Tamara a new test in the main carnival ring. Lost and confused, she puts her trust into Lucifer as he seduces her and either kills or puts her to sleep as punishment for failing her test ("In All My Dreams I Drown").

Appearance Edit

Lucifer has red skin and black and white make up on his face, long and sharp yellow nails and two long horns that point backwards. He usually wears black suits and long black coats. When he is at his funhouse he wears a black robe, black pants and black boots.

Before Painted Doll arrived to the carnival, Lucifer wore no makeup except for black lipstick, had a mustache and dressed in a beige suit.

Personality Edit

Lucifer has a sick sense of humor and high standards. However, he seems to be more concerned with the fate of innocents and the redemption of sinners than God. Despite his sadistic nature, he has shown to care about his fellow carnies as shown when he refused to let Ticket Keeper sacrifice himself for Lucifer in the war.

Relationships Edit

Ticket Keeper Edit

Lucifer seems to have a great deal of trust with the Ticket Keeper, since he has been entrusted with the rules and keeping order in his Carnival when Lucifer is not able to oversee it. Lucifer has shown to care about him when he told Ticket Keeper that he couldn't let him become a martyr for Lucifer if they lose the war.

Painted Doll Edit

Lucifer apparently has a good relationship with Painted Doll as he usually chooses her to be part of an act according to Ticket Keeper.

Tamara Edit

In All My Dreams I Down 09

Lucifer and Tamara

Before Lucifer starts telling Tamara's fable to "Daniel", he claims that Tamara's is his favorite story, although he could've said so because The Scorpion and The Painted Doll were also involved.

In "In All My Dreams I Drown", Lucifer manipulates Tamara into singing a duet with him, seduces her, and either kills her or puts her to sleep. Why he did this is currently unknown.

Gallery Edit

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