Lucifer's funhouse
Lucifer's funhouse

The Devil's Carnival, Hell



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The Devil's Carnival

Lucifer's funhouse is where Lucifer torments sinners, his office and living quarters are also located there. When Lucifer invites sinners to his office, the funhouse is arranged to recreate the sinner's personal Hell before they get in the office. Lucifer occasionally invites fellow carnies there to listen to his stories.

History Edit

When John walked in Lucifer's funhouse, the place was arranged to recreate John's house's bathroom, which is the place where he killed himself. The grief-stricken man clumsily walked through the hall until he reached Lucifer's office. Lucifer informed him of the death of his son there and. once John redeemed himself, Lucifer sent him to Heaven.

Layout and Description Edit

The Funhouse Edit

The funhouse is located at the back of Lucifer's tent, with a path of lightbulbs leading to it's entrance, which has red curtains and a large sign with many pointing arrows. Inside, there's a hall of mirrors, walls with many pointing arrows, a recreation of a sinner's personal Hell, at the end of it is a single door that leads to Lucifer's office.

Lucifer's office/chambers Edit

The office is lush and dark. The walls are made of dark, rickety wooden planks and decorated with many horns and bookshelves. There's a vanity with many tubes of makeup and jars littered on it, a wooden plush chair is located in the center of the room.

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