"Didn't I warn you that cutting was against the rules?"

"Hell’s henchman, this ruthless enforcer has tamed his share of unruly beasts. Are you amongst those foolish enough to tempt his lash?"

Tamer TDC
The Tamer
General Information




Personal Information

The Ticket Keeper



Chronological and political Information
  • Accomplice
  • Punisher of rule breakers

The Devil's Carnival

First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival

Last Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 2

Portrayed by

Shawn Crahan

The Tamer is a demon accomplice who is in charge of applying punishment to those who break the rules by lashing them.

Appearance Edit

The Tamer is a stout man with brown hair and a beard. He is partially blind and has a huge scar on his left eye. He wears a torn gray Tamer outfit.

Personality Edit

The Tamer is ruthless and bloodthirsty. It can be implied that he isn't as harsh with women as he is with men as he whipped Ms. Merrywood with a horsewhip while he wanted to use a mace to punish John.

Relationships Edit

The Ticket Keeper Edit

Ticket Keeper invokes him whenever someone breaks a rule.

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